Rusty Words

A period of downtime makes everything rusty.

It’s been a while. June was hectic. Really busy and eventful month. But that’s not the sole reason for my lack of writing. Rather, it should inspire me to write more, for the ideas and happenings around makes good subjects.

For the past month, I bit the bullet and enrolled in The Focus Course. It’s been a really tough decision. Financially, I’m at the lowest point of life. It’s scary to think a lack of discpline and sensible thinking leads to my current state. But I reckon whatever things that come my way, personal investment should be top of my priority. Spend less on luxury items – do I really need that cup of iced latte? Instant coffee with ice would do for now. Do I really need to dine in that restaurant? Wait for Groupon to feature them.

It’s been that kind of situation where I battle against my inner self. Getting a new home is the first of many small and inconsequential decisions. It’s also the start of many big and influential calls which will decide how we live in the house. I bet the two of us don’t need such a huge dining table, but we got it anyway. I even chose designer chairs to go along with it. How naive to think that the promotion will be gone by the time I ponder over them. Impulse purchase coupled with potential regret of missing out triggered this rash action. Now I’m feeling a little bit of buyer’s remorse, where I keep replaying whether I made the right choice in splurging so much for something with plenty of cheaper alternatives.

That aside, it’s been a terribly hot month. Weather has been unforgiving – constant blazing sun bringing the temperature to a new high. Instead of blaming El Nino, we should reflect on our own doing. Nights are worse – windless and equally hot, I’m sweating as I type this. It happens every year but it’s getting more and more unbearable. Wind stroke and dehydration are claiming lives. So is MERS. And ISIS. The world is getting volatile and there’s no place to hide.

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