Insanely Simple

I’m halfway through Ken Segall’s book Insanely Simple. It’s a page-turner, distilling the concept to its essence. The writing is clear and free of fillers, akin to the title of the book. One doesn’t have to be a marketer or in the creative sector to appreciate this book. The idea of simplicity can be applied […]

Pushing Up Good Habits

20 push-ups and sit-ups. Every night, without fail. Did it for 9 straight days. No matter how tired I was, I made sure it was done. It’s my first 30-day challenge. For 30 straight days, I have to do 20 push-ups and sit-ups. I chose this as I’ve a fitness test coming up in 2 […]

Happiness in a Bag

Last weekend, I gifted my wife a Sandqvist bag as an early Mother’s Day gift. We’ve been looking for a similar brown leather bag since we first came across a Fossil bag 8 years ago. We contemplated getting it and a few months later, it was gone from the shelves. It probably made way for […]

Big Ben Running Marathon

Running a 42km full marathon. Checked. Dressed up as Big Ben. Checked.Attempting to break the Guinness world record as a landmark completing the marathon. Checked.Running to raise fund for Alzheimer’s research. Checked.Viral-worthy moment when crossing the finishing line. Checked. (via swissmiss)

Lovely Passport Designs

Countries with rich heritage should showcase it more often. What better way to let the world know than passport. It’s literally the window to the world, one in which if designed properly, subtly boosts its soft power. I praised the design of Japan’s new passport ahead of Tokyo Olympic in 2020. Besides having one of […]

The Poorly Designed Apple TV Remote

I’ve been living with a shuttered Apple TV remote for the past 12 months. It’s useable, but not ideal. Rewind back a year and I was watching Netflix. I heard a thud sound and the Apple TV remote fell from the sofa, at no higher than 60cm. That was enough to shutter the glass. Cracked […]