This site is designed to be minimalist, and typography is the foundation the design element is built upon.

It is about returning back to our roots, to provide a traditional, calm reading experience that is slowly drifting apart from us by the digital evolution. It is about connecting with readers on a level that isn’t hinder by clutter.

The rationale behind this site

In a nutshell, Mintype is the place where i share my thoughts on design, technology, current affairs, and other miscellaneous writings. My interests and passion will determine the direction of this site. It will grow, evolve and be shaped in a way that’s synchronous with my lifestyle and values.

It will be interesting to look back 10 years from now, at my own writing, the topics I have written, the content I have shared. It’s like taking a ride on the time machine, tracing back the path over the decade.

The Design

This site is built upon the platform provided by WordPress. The template is Twenty Twentyu. After years of refinement, this is by far, the most pleasing and elegant theme (and it’s free). It’s great for people that embrace whitespace and clean design.

Keep In Touch

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