Inspired by Derek Sivers, this Now page is a collection of things I’m doing at the moment.


We are experiencing a global pandemic called COVID-19. Everyday, the situation is evolving. Currently under “Circuit Breaker”, it’s a month-long measure undertaken by the government to limit the spread of virus.

Most people are to stay home, going out only for essential services. This is the time to build (or break) relationships, upgrade our skills, and maybe just chill the hell out of this dark reality.




Striving to stay simple by having only essential things. Decluttering my mind and life. Lasting memories happen outside shopping malls. Doing more outdoor activities like cycling, flying kite, building sandcastles and hiking.


A thousand things on the plate, like sourcing for a CRM system, planning and doing up the social media calendar, customising mask case, designing Christmas visuals and so much more.

Updated on 2nd December 2020