Every so often, you will stumble upon uneven grounds, unsure of the path ahead. You look around for directions and cues to guide you forward. The answer may be sitting before you. But the problem is, you’re standing so close that it appears hard to make out. Or, you could totally miss it altogether.

A spark of inspiration. A pat on the back. We all need that. Whenever I’m stuck, lost, dejected, aimless or riding through the crease of emotions, intelligent words from wise people never failed to stabilise the waves. They have influenced me so much and will continue to be the lighthouse as I carve my way into the unknown. These are memorable words spoken by people I inspire to be. In many ways, these are my quotes.


“Fight for the kings, queens and bishops but surrender the pawns.”
– David Oglivy

“Most people comment on logo launches as if they’re judging a diving competition when they should be judging a swimming competition.”
– Michael Bierut

“When in doubt, the most important to-do is typically the one that makes you the most uncomfortable.” – Tim Ferriss

“Great advertising doesn’t reflect conscious desires so much as stir latent ones and push consumers to change.”  – Don Draper 

“The first step to being courageous is being willing to look foolish.”
– James Clear

“My uncle taught me that the most expensive product is not the one you pay the most money for but rather the product you hardly get any use out of.” – a wise person wrote this on Mr Money Mustache’s site