Emulating Shawn Blanc

I’ve long been a fan of Shawn Blanc’s work – his site, writing, style, book and most importantly, his focus in making and forging the creative path. They have all been a constant source of inspiration for me.

With the myraid of constant distractions, it’s nearly impossible to stay focused. The Focus Course aims to solve this. The newsletters leading up to this release have all been helpful, dissecting the value of doing work, no matter how bad they may be initially. Because taking a step is better than none at all. It keeps procrastination at bay. We fear. Afraid of what others might think about us, about our work, and the kind of work we do. These are just some of the factors stopping us from doing our best creative works.

I trust Shawn and knows the effort he puts into his work is nothing short of excellence. His attention for details is top-notch. Combining concepts, together with actions through homework, you apply the theory into practice. It grows on you, the progress is tangible and you gain a sense of accomplishment. Celebrate the small victories, Shawn Blanc advocates.

I would sign up in a heartbeat if I’m better off. I look forward to this course so much, because deep down I know it’s not something I would skim through and forget. Given the more important commitments I’ve on hand, this would have to be in the “nice to have” category. Top of this category to be precise, so once I clear the essentials, this would be the kind of learning I’d love to go through.