Subtlety Is Hard

But when you find it, consider the application, and realize how it seamlessly integrate as a whole – you smile. It’s a form of delight says “I care about the details”.

That’s the kind of delight when I read Craig Mod’s article. He has that kind of prose that draws you in, invites you along to see from his perspective in vivid details. At the end of the article, I’m usually enveloped with insights, ideas and motivation to retrace the path he took. Today, at the end of the article, I noticed the social sharing buttons. I’m not sure if they were there in the past, but they were so subtle it almost didn’t register.

It’s a fine balance – too subtle and people will pass by without noticing. But you don’t want to be so obvious, so blatant that it becomes an obligation to like or share. The buttons blend into the background, becoming litted only if you mouseover it. It’s a good trade-off, a nice touch that’s well thought through.

As Shawn Blanc puts it, “delight is in the details”.

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