I have a keen interest in places where people get their work done. Specifically, I’m curious to find out under what kind of environment did the best creatives, designers and writers get work done in.

It’s always interesting to see how the workspaces are set up, and what’s on their desk is a pretty good indication of their personality and lifestyle. We spend a fair bit of our time at our desk and it’s only natural we want to have it set up the best way possible.

To me, it’s like the sacred area where work is done, where we are entertained and we’re free to do whatever things we want. Everyone’s idea of the ideal desk is different. Starting from the choice of desk, the material, color and the placement can vary significantly from the guy next to you.

What’s on the desk is another topic that could probably divides opinion. Some people find order in mess. These group sees themselves working better, becomes more productive on the less-than-tidy desk filled with sheets of paper lying around.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s this group that stands for things minimal. It’s a cliche word and on many occasions, it has been over-used and misunderstood. Minimalism is not about reducing things for the sake of having lesser. It’s about reducing things to its essence. It’s about being honest to its original form.

The good people over at VSCO feature some of the offices in which people get their work done. They’re neat and tidy, sleek and clean. At the same time, they’re also personal and warm, cozy and inviting. It’s through all these pictures that we can admire and get inspirations from.

Of course, they are all processed with VSCO Film.