Lose The Fat Wallet

The fast food diet is making us fat. The supersize meals (together with chips and beers and couch-lazing) are the calories behind the expanding waistline, which eventually lead to health issues. We understand the dangers, yet we dismissed them as part of the cultural and social shift.

On the other hand, we never seem to get enough of slimming down our gadgets. Thinness is essential and a fundamental part of the engineering process. We yawn for slimmer phones, thinner tablets and lighter laptops. But strangely enough, we have never given much thoughts to shrinking down our wallet.

Having a slimmer wallet with few compartment means we have to make decision. A decision to increase our awareness on what to bring for our daily trips. It makes us conscious of our habits and remove the unnecessary clutter. So what we put inside our wallet are those truly essential items, not outdated receipts and expired cards.

I think it’s a good start to losing the excess baggage. It’s awful to look at a thick wallet, but it’s even more disgusting to carry one around. If I didn’t receive a new bi-fold wallet for my recent birthday, I’d definitely give a serious thought for this slim leather wallets by Bellroy.