Is Your Sunday Dreadful?

Most of us dread Sunday, or that’s what I assume. Sunday marks the end of the weekend. Weekend means the end of the working week, the time to unwind after enduring a stressful 5 (or 6) days. Sunday means the end of the playtime and a return to reality where we have to work or study or do things we normally wouldn’t have done if given a choice.

According to a British poll, Sunday 4 pm is the witching hour. It’s the time when people start to feel uneasy and anxious. It’s the time when the blues start to kick in. We are more aware of how time passes, trying to make full use of it before the start of another work week. The more we try to squeeze more into our schedule, the more we realize the efforts are futile.

Sunday though, is not unlike any other day. What makes the difference is the perception. Someone who’s really enjoying his job can’t wait for Monday morning to come soon enough. The rest can’t wait for the next weekend to arrive.

Much of the sinking feelings come from the realization of reporting back to work or going back to school after 2 days of freedom. That’s the reason why after a long break or a vacation, the feeling of hurling ourselves back to reality is ever so depressing.

For most of us, weekdays pretty much pass us like it’s fully automated. We know the schedule at the back of our head, the routines have kicked in and habits are formed. Some like the rhythm of the work week. It’s practically the same – day in day out. It provides structure to an otherwise chaotic lifestyle of time management.

We confined ourselves to certain actions and map out our days accordingly. The motions of waking up, going to work and coming back home every day is the reward at the end of the work week. We look forward to them because it affords us time to do things we really wanted to do. The trade-off by working is getting the pay cheque that liberates us to go for holiday and dine at a fine Italian restaurant.

Comes the weekends, the possibilities are endless. Picnic in the park, with a basket filled with fresh berries, tasty subs and bottles of apple cider. Cycling in the scenic park with rows of trees and the smell of the sea breeze blowing towards you. That’s what I have done in the past, but such activities are being neglected in favor lazing around at home.

Most recently, I watched the entire season of The Walking Dead over the weekend. Not a new discovery, but I have to say chips and beers make good companion for binge watching through the night. Doing something different adds a new dimension to the otherwise grinding working week. I have pretty enjoy how things went so far and the process of planning for the weekends keeps me motivated.

Today’s Sunday, but I feel fulfilled and enriched. There’s so much to look forward to every weekend that the mere thoughts of planning is suffice to keep my spirits through the week. Having a purpose is more important than having time on your hand. Fill those hands with meaningful activities, and Sunday will never be a dread again.