Non Zero Day

2016. it’s here.

2015, it’s over.

Last year was an eventful year – full of ups and downs. So many things happened and it would take more than this post to even summarize things up. I’ll go deeper into that when I feel ready. For now, it’s more important to get back into the habit of publishing here more regularly.

It’s been more than a month since the last post. Past experiences proved once the momentum stalled, so does my writing. It’s easy to blame all the circumstances happening around me: newly-wed, new house, increased workload and the likes. But it’s more of me lacking the discipline to write. Some wise men (and most recently from Shawn Blanc) said that we don’t find time for things we like, we make time for them.

As such, I’m going to make more time writing here. I’m going to make sure I publish something every week at least. A picture with some words on days where inspirations run dry. Even a few sentences is better than nothing. I recently read a thread on reddit about “non-zero day”. Write a sentence, scribble something, do a single push-up, they’re all better than sitting at the same spot and doing nothing. Little as they may be, that one sentence, one push-up make us go one step closer to our goals.

I fully subscribe to this notion of “non-zero system”. That’s why I’m writing here. Reading without practicing is futile.

Also, it feels great to start writing here again. I realise how much I’m missing out now – the tranquil state of mind, the clarity of thoughts and the desire to keep pushing on. It’s euphoria turbo-charged.

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