It’s been a while. Hello.

It’s been a busy few months. I’ve got to do up the house. Our new house has been a journey of ups and downs. We got conned by a interior designer, a terrible man with pack of lies and lack of integrity. Money was paid, work wasn’t done (completely). Worse, he damaged our existing flooring and did a sloppy job on what has been completed.

No matter how much research, background finding, and how street-smart I think I am, it just takes a little element of bad luck to land me in such dire situation. Complacency creeped in before that. The project took longer than expected but I was naive to give them the benefit of doubt to take their own sweet time. In the end, I suffered. I dragged my wife along with me in this plight and I’m extremely sorry.

But life goes on. Financially, we are barely meeting ends meet. Thankfully, parents, siblings and relatives are all generous with their purse and sponsorship. Many of the furniture and electronic appliances – especially the big ticket items – are generously given to us by them. For that, we are grateful and blessed. Without their kind support, we would be in a much worse position.

Given the things we are experiencing, my wife is performing amicably. She has been my pillar of support. A lighthouse that keeps me going in the right direction when things haven’t gone right. I always tell myself how lucky I am to be with such a cute and caring lady that understands me, takes care of me and hold my hand through thick and thin.

My parents-in-law have been exemplary since the first day we met. I’ve never feel so welcomed anywhere, not even at my own place. Absolutely top notch. The sacrifices they made for us have been selfless. People said it’s a hit-or-miss when it comes to in-laws, and I’ve been so lucky in this aspect it feels like striking the jackpot. I’ve enjoyed every bit with them – from traveling abroad to playing ping pong, from having buffet to watching movies, it’s been so fun and happy.

Despite the downs I’ve experienced this year, I’ve more reasons to look forward to an exciting time ahead. We will be getting married in the presence of our parents, relatives and siblings, friends and colleagues. These are important people and I’m honoured for them to witness our happy day. We will be moving to our new place after our wedding. It’s finally done up through the effort of everybody. Moving forward, I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

I love you, Cassandra.

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