The Tab Is On Squarespace

Experience New York when you interview at Squarespace.

Free flight, accommodation, dinner, show and a museum visit in NYC together with their spouse or partner. More competent companies should do this, but realistically, it’s not feasible for most firms to do this on a long-term basis.

I like the idea. It’s an incentive for talented individuals to make the leap and a chance to experience the city first-hand. Squarespace already makes them feel welcomed and what a way to start the relationship.

There’s little worry about inviting the wrong people over. Besides the initial screening, there is human psychology at work. Non-qualified applicants naturally know where they stand and it’s bound to be competitive. They weed themselves out of the running.

If everything fails, it still makes a good week for both the applicants and Squarespace. Interviewees and their spouse get to explore New York while Squarespace gains positive publicity. Good fun.