A Relaxing Vacation

Having just landed hours ago, jet-eyed and lack of sleep, a short nap at the comfort of our home did wonders for replenishing our energy.

It’s been a nice 10 days in Dubai. The weather has been cool – just the right temperature hovering from mid 15 to low 20s. Everyday, we would snoozed the alarm and sleep in. Afterwards, it’s a short trip across our apartment to our favourite coffee joint at Caribou Coffee to grab our breakfast (brunch) of flat white for me and mocha cooler for my partner. The pastries there are delightful as well. Sandwich with turkey, toasted to the right crispiness and taste. Then there is also the chicken and cheese quiche, addictive and filling. 

Lots of man-made wonders laid across the city. From the palm island to the world’s tallest building in Burj Khalifa, the structures are towering and striking. But we weren’t really keen in all these. Prior to this trip, we didn’t plan much either. We held a concept of taking the metro and looking at the map, trusting our gut (and feet) to bring us to places. 

Dubai has an easy-to-understand metro network and we didn’t have any problem navigating through the stations. Unfortunately though, the city is not really made for walking. Many times we tried to walk our back back to our apartment but it’s just ridiculous how much detour and turns we have to endure, and then we are met with wide lanes of onrushing cars speeding across the road. It’s just not pedestrian-friendly, we concluded.

On the whole, we loved how this trip turned out to be. It must be the one overseas vacation we didn’t really know what to do after getting there. Still, we really enjoyed ourselves. It’s a much needed break and a jolt of revitalising push for the tough journey ahead.