The chilly air arches down from the ceiling. With an oversized, comfortable t-shirt ideal for summer days but feels inadequate to protect against the wintery air this restaurant is pumping out, my finger are cold and my body craves for a warmer premise.

Shift I will, once the limit on my 30 minutes wifi access is up.

Meanwhile, the view is looking great. Cable car hovering diagonally across my seat. The sky is a gloomy overcast. Leaves rustling from the gentle breeze.

I have plenty of time to work on the things I’ve been wanting to clear for a long time. Like:

  • Doodling on physical notebook (just pulled out the Baron Fig grid notebook which has been dormant in the bookshelves. Still lots of unfilled pages)
  • Reading (Offscreen magazine and Instapaper queue. Perhaps clear some emails to reduce the inbox anxiety)
  • Doing nothing (in the past few months, my minutes are filled to the brim, hectic to the core. Would be nice to just space out and take in the moment)

It should make for a nice Friday as we wind down for the weekend.