In a Coffee Shop

Sitting in a contemporary chain-branded coffee shop, I’m sipping a cup of traditional coffee.

Taking a quick break while my kid attends the music lesson. His first. The first of many, we hope. Creative endeavours provides deeper meaning to life.

A musician barely surviving with the bare income but enjoying what he’s doing versus a soulless corporate executive living the good life, I know which one I’d choose.

2020 is behind us and many are happy to see the back of it. On 31 December, people were dreadful of the year. But at the stroke of midnight, everyone was suddenly rejuvenated with fresh dreams. What a difference a minute made.

The reality is, we are still confronting the same challenges. Not being a pessimist but (good) jobs are harder to find, companies are still downsizing, virus is still infecting people. Vaccines are our saviour but it would take a long while before things return to the way it was before. If it even happens.

The year of lockdown made us treasure relationships more than ever. Technological shifts are accelerated during this period. But as powerful as a miniature pixel may be, they are irreplaceable for the human connection we so yearned for. 

Despite all the unhappy things unfolding around me, I’m grateful to be surrounded by supportive families and friends. They are the pillars and without them, I don’t think my life would be so fulfilling.

With a hectic day job and office politics aplenty, I always arrived home drained and lifeless. Leaving is an option but there’s no guarantee the next gig will be better. Eat some humble pies, swallow my ego and just grind through this period. 

Hopefully, 2021 will whizz by and things will be rosier comes this time next year.

Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy new year, wherever you may be.