Different day, same shit.

That’s what my former colleagues would said. It ring trues for most things happening now.

I count myself fortunate to get a better job – at a time when retrenchment and unemployment rate is really high.

But with the new role comes with added responsibilities. Hefty ones. Urgent ones. And never-ending tasks.

Barely 2 months in, I never really felt settled. Since the first day, a lot has happened and the days just whizzed by.

While some would say our way of doing things are reactive, the company’s culture countered this is being agile and moving fast.

It puts a lot of stress and tension in its people. I’m feeling the heat and it’s getting more intense.

In the midst of festive season, workload would only get higher.

My wife commented I looked uptight at home recently. It’s been this way for a while, so I guess the emotions are beginning to bubble out.

While I strive never to bring work-related emotions home, some of the baggage are inevitably spilling over.

Life is about navigating a series of decisions and challenges. That’s how we grow better and more resilient.

All I look forward now is a complete break away from work.