Some Reflections

Time flies. We’re now into the third week of the new year. It’s the time when resolutions start to wade.

I don’t have a habit of setting goals for the year – past attempts have proven to be futile. I do, however, like to think back on the events. Sometimes, things need time to sink in and it’s always a good opportunity to revisit them every now and then. 

Ideally, I would want to reflect on the happenings on the past year in the past year, not at the start of the year. Things cropped up and they have taken a negative effect on my desire to write. Things haven’t been smooth sailing but that’s another matter altogether.

There were many ups and downs. Things were quiet work-wise, but that was an area where I felt change is needed. A lot of unfortunate events also happened – like the passing of people around me. People come and go, but their sudden demise alter my outlook of how I see life.

A light-hearted but fair assessment of 2013 could be summed up in the following pointers:

Learn to stay in shape. I couldn’t fit into one of the shirts I tailored just six months ago. From monetary aspect, it serves as a reminder for me not to gain weight. (though, of course, I would welcome the change of slimming down). And I also failed the fitness test that I have no problem of acing in the past.

Kindle makes me read more. Though I’ve long been a advocate of physical reading material, I’m liking the momentary switch to an e-reader. It’s complementary to my love of physical books and magazines. Also, I’m reading at a much faster rate with Kindle and I see myself gunning down a lot more books this way.

Tools doesn’t make me a better craftsman. Holding the best guitar didn’t make me the best musician, as was having the best productivity software didn’t make me accomplish more tasks. The only thing that helped me was the constant practice. Make do with what you have.

Learn to compromise. We seek for perfection. We often want the best for ourselves and this sometimes come at the expense of others. Learning to give in at the right time is a virtue that’s easy to say yet difficult to execute. Many times due to my insistence, tears were shed and depressing episodes could have been avoided or mitigated. 

There is too much of a good thing. When food are plentiful, we tend not to appreciate them. It’s human nature to be grateful of lost and sacred possessions. As with all the good things in life, consume them in moderation. This year, I’m going to be more conscious on what’s on my plate. It’s the antidote to becoming sane again from all the clutter.

Less is more. Be selective on the things that matter. Clutter will inevitably come our way, but practice the act of tuning out the noise. I’m trying to cut down on the news I read and the things I buy.