Consider this like an Instapaper for the print medium. With PaperLater, we are no longer limited to reading within the boundaries of digital realms. Newspaper Club has provided us with the option to curate and print the articles to create our very own tangible version of insta-paper

Distraction-free, ad-free and delivered to the doorstep. I can picture myself packing them into the sling bag, settled down in my favourite cafe and enjoy the paper over coffee. It seems like the ideal way to catch up on those backlog of reading that have been piling up over time. 

At £4.99 per issue, it’s not exactly cheap. While waiting for them to extend this service to the sunny isle of Singapore (if they ever arrive), I’m keen to know how the formatting works out. 

It’s an interesting alternative to our newly acquired manner of seeking new tidbits of news feeds constantly. Framing the boundaries may be the best way to focus. Reaching the end of the paper would hopefully give us a sense of closure, just like the satisfaction when we’re done with the conventional newspapers.