KFC Makeover

I have to rub my eyes to confirm that this is indeed KFC.

What a radical departure from its usual architecture. Gone are the red and white dominated colour scheme with uncomfortable and congested seating layout. In comes the warm wooden feel, with inviting long block table and natural colour tones.

It’s less of a fast food chain that values turnover of crowd. Probably they don’t generate the kind of traffic they used to. It feels like a casual restaurant that you can sit and linger around and have conversation with friends. Maybe they can do a “Starbucks” – to own your mind space when it comes to the choice of meet up.

Instead of having to think of a place for a casual meal, they would go KFC. Feel free to hang around, share stories over drinks and snacks, and have a long chat. Whatever it is, just wash away the greasy oil that’s stuck to your fingers after having their finger-licking good chicken.

While I can’t see the connection of the revamped store design to its brand identity, it may be a viable strategy to win back the thinning crowd that is opting for more independent joints with the right appeal. With a tweak of menu and a fresh coat of paint for the logo, it may just be what KFC needs to refresh its stagnant business in the competitive fast food industry.