Workflowy Goes Offline

When the news of Writer Pro filters through, many people are excited and some are eagerly anticipating its launch. People like me. When I first started using IA Writer, the simple interface with no settings to tweak is a breath of fresh air. I just do what I’m supposed to do in there – write.

Gradually, I discovered more apps. More minimalist apps. Some powerful ones which I have no use of, but the urge to just own them is just as strong. I’m neglecting the existing ones I have to cast a gleeful glance at the others. Wonderful product like Workflowy, which I wrote about a year ago. That’s how fast things move.

Today, they introduce the offline feature. Finally, we are able to use it practically anywhere. I take it as a nudge for me to revisit the service which used to be central location to store my ideas and to-do lists. They are still bits and pieces of information in there, left in a corner, deprived of my attention.

As I ponder upon the purchase of Writer Pro, I realize what I need is not something new. It’s about using the best out of our current tools – and Workflowy certainly ranks highly up there.