What Food Looks Like

When I’m bored with the classic but over-used Georgia font served on this site, I decided it’s time to freshen things up with new typefaces. It will also give me a chance to experiment and understand how different fonts work together.

H&FJ is really sweet with their cloud typography offerings. I’m always a fan of their elegant and memorable typefaces, like Gotham and Whitney. Their cheapest plan starts at $99. Besides the higher pricing, the setting up process is a little more tedious than Typekit.

This is where things get interesting – not just in terms of the huge selections of fonts. I was reading Typekit’s blog to get some inspirations on which combination would do well for Mintype. Retro-styled Letter Gothic don’t often pop up in many places, and the way it stood out in a food centric styled portfolio is really striking. Food stylist Katie Christ has an interesting site and it’s fascinating to browse through the photos.

From savoury to burgers to breakfast, they are all great. Food never look this good, and appetising.