VSCO Cam Update

What a pleasant surprise. As I was looking through this post and hit the publish button, the new VSCOcam app is here. So, I’ll give a little run down here before diving into the app and give a more in depth review in the future.

For those who have little clue what goodness this little gem of an app can bring to you, let the pictures speak for themselves. It’s for film lovers, for people who appreciate the simple interface, and it’s for all the people who want to add a touch of class to their photos adding too much artificial filters.

For all the camera apps I own, this is the only one that withstand the test of time and resides outside the folder. Time and time again I rely on their filters to add character and feel to the picture. So, to hear that they are working out a new version of the app is truly music to my ears.

The release of this new version coincides with the removal of the old VSCO cam app from the app store. The older version will no longer be supported and updated. It’s still a very good app in its own right and on the surface, you can tell them apart from the different icon and the spacing between the wordings. The older one reads “VSCO Cam” while the new one reads “VSCOcam”.

As a farewell gift, existing users receive a bonus pack that contains the 10 filters that currently exists in the old version. I’m not sure of the preset filters that comes default with the app. I was too excited and installed the legacy filters right away, without really exploring the app.

The app still retains that clean and sleek interface and doesn’t make novice lose his way, and has added more functionality and controls over advance users to play around with. The filters cost 99 cents per pack and as an introductory offer, you can get 48 presets at $5.99.

VSCOcam is available at the app store, for free.