VSCO And Its Honors

VSCO Cam is the only photo editing app I use these days. When the app market is flooded with so many apps of such category, it takes something special to differentiate and stand out.

And differentiate and stand out they did, bagging the honor of being mentioned by Apple amongst the very top apps. I love it because of its extremely well-designed interface, film-like filtering effects and best of all, its dedication to the creative community.

But this isn’t about an app, or even about VSCO. This is about ALL OF US coming together for the sake of art, beauty and doing something we love. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey. Thank you for your support, your constructive criticism and your encouragement. Most of all, thank you for your creative spirit.

Their website showcases pictures of lovely nostalgic scenes, emotion-provoking portraits and heart-wrenching aftermath of destruction. It’s great to see what amazing pictures can be taken from the iPhone and the kind of effects that can be had when the tool is handled by creative individuals.

In conjunction, the Legacy Pack which contains 10 effects, previously used in the now defunct VSCO app, is available for in-app purchase now. Also just-in is the Contemporary Collection that includes four new presets.

With the overwhelming presets already in the app, I find myself selectively returning to a few of my favorites for most photos. Depending on the settings and the mood I want to portray, I may occasionally try some different presets.

Sometimes, less is more. But I guess this won’t stop me from purchasing the new pack, or whatever Visual Supply Co decides to introduce in the future. This is what happens when brand gains the trust of its consumers. They buy into the company and therefore, invest in its products and services.