Viva Monocle

It’s like reuniting with an old friend – familiar, yet a little distanced after spending time away with each other. The understanding, though, is still apparent.

I first chanced upon Monocle magazine more than a decade ago. Whilst serving national service with long days and pretty much all the time in the world, I devoured editions after editions of the mag. I looked forward to every new release and would treasure them like a tome of rare publication.

My subscription lapsed early last year and I chose not to renew it. Too much things on my plate and I didn’t carve out enough time to read. In the bookshelves lies backlog of unopened copies. I couldn’t justify buying more when a glance at the still-sealed magazines already made me felt guilty.

I still can’t resist browsing Monocle in the magazine joints or bookstores. In the airport, I’d most certainly get a copy and indulge in the enchanting magazaine midair. That’s the best way to consume the cosmopolitan, witty, and all-encompassing content that Monocle is known for.

Right now, its influence extends beyond being a mere magazine. It’s a lifestyle brand that has an important voice in shaping various touch points.

I love the way how it is constantly evolving but still remain relevant and true to its roots.

Long may this continue. Viva Monocle!