Visual Storytelling

There is no better time to share our stories. 

At our disposal, we have powerful yet intuitive tools that enable us to create and publish. There is the convergent of storytelling apps and sites that focus on creation as much as consumption. Write a short caption, a short paragraph, add some photos and voila – our work is out there, waiting to be discovered (liked and shared). 

Hi: Share the places you‘ve travelled, together with the experiences and adventures. 

Storehouse: A casual place with interesting mix of content. 

Steller: Pretty much the same as Storehouse. Stories feel more deliberate, and crafted with more finesse. 

Exposure: Probably because it‘s desktop, photos are better and words are longer. And also because there‘s a paid option, people strive to create the best they could. 

There is a wide range of content and diversity in all of them. Wandering around, stumbling upon stories created with a sense of carefreeness is refreshing. Storytelling has always been around, but the ease of discovering and publishing visual stories has never been so simple. 

The world is like an oyster, so create, explore and consume we will.