Twenty Twenty

It’s the time of the year where resolutions are set. It’s also the time of the year where lofty ambitions are not scoffed at.

I don’t have any goals or expectations this year. I’ve experienced enough in the past decade to know events in life come and go, as they like.

2019 was a whirlwind of a year and I’m happy to see the back of it. The only way is up. I’m quietly optimistic of what 2020 and beyond would be like.

I’m beginning to dip my toes into film photography. I enjoyed it as it forces me to learn about the concept of photography, delayed gratification, moving on with things that cannot be undone. And instead of having hundreds of snapshots, I’d probably have a roll of photos I’d treasure more – regardless of how they turn out.

I ended the year like a busy bee. Having started a new job just 3 weeks back, I’m still learning the ropes and coping with different demands. Really grateful I’m amongst wonderful colleagues that help me every step of the way.

Here’s a toast to the new year. May everyone stay healthy and happy.