Tsundoku (積ん読): someone who buys books and leave them lying in a pile without reading them.

I have a strong tendency to buy a lot of books and magazines. Far too many than I can finish reading. Add them to the increasing articles in Instapaper, never-ending RSS and Twitter feed, it‘s hard to imagine I can‘t ever get to finish, let alone comprehend them in a single lifetime.

But abundance is a choice. I strive for minimal but ended up acting the opposite.

I take it that we have to experience the influx of overflowing information before we dissect what‘s essential. We have to taste hardship before understanding the simple little things in life. Just like sweets taste better after eating a bitter pill.

One day I may be so broke that I can‘t afford to buy anymore. One day I may have so much time on hand so I can‘t do anything but read. One day my apartment will be filled with so many books and magazines that I have to sleep elsewhere. One day my phone may be filled with so much articles and news feed that the memory is filled to the brim and it wouldn‘t be able to work.

Or someday, I may just wake up and see the mess. Look at myself and smile, for I am such a fool.

And I will stop the obsession.