Troubled By Illness

Since the start of the year, I’ve been troubled by illness. Recurring swollen throat, persistent fever, multiple headache and never-ending cough.

These niggling sicknesses are wearing me down. I never felt so ill for so long before. I’m typing this in my home, after a jab and having my medical leave extended by another two days.

The root of my problem is tonsillitis. Tonsils is our immune system’s first line of defense against disease but for some, they are worse off than without it. I’ve been known since young to have throat infection, but I’m generally healthy and have not much problem fighting the annual disease. But lately, tonsillitis has been occurring far more frequently and the time it takes for me to recover is also significantly longer. Taking out the tonsils for frequent reoccurrence is something the doctor advices, and it’s a thought that I’ve carefully considered but yet to decide on.

I’m worried, not just for my own health but for the people around me. I’m extremely grateful for all the love showered generously on me. The attention, the anxiety they feel when I’m in bed, the efforts they put in just to make me feel better. Those are moments I really appreciate and understand how lucky I am. In return, the best I can do is to recover fast, stay fit and become a stronger person.

On a side note, I have been slacking off here, not just because I’ve little to say but I’m pre-occupied with fighting those the nasty infection and also preparing for our wedding. Work stress is also piling up. Maybe it’s a combination of all these pressures and poor control of diet and the lack of proper sleep. I’m trying to change my diet by eating more greens and fruits and having less fried and unhealthy stuffs. At the same time, I’m trying to get to bed half an hour earlier.

I hope this pays off. It takes time for the body to build up the immunity it used to have. To all the folks out there, stay healthy, stay happy.