Travel Photography with iPhones: Jim Richardson

Jim Richardson, a photographer with Nat Geo for over 30 years gives his opinion on how photography and discovery are intertwined. Also, how iPhone has changed our ability to capture images.

Travel transforms us, body and soul. And photography opens doors, both in the world and within us. Few cameras have changed travel and photography as much as the iPhone. Liberating travel photographers from the tyranny of the overstuffed camera bag as well as the slavish allegiance to technical solutions, the iPhone spurs journeys of pure discovery.

On using iPhone 5S to capture the aura of the Scottish Highland:

What surprised me most was that the pictures did not look like compromises. They didn’t look like I was having to settle for second best because it was a mobile phone. They just looked good. Nothing visually profound is being produced here, I would have to say. But it feels good, and I even noticed some of the folks on our tour putting big digital cameras aside once in a while and pulling out their cell phones when they just wanted to make a nice picture.