This Christmas

We don’t really celebrate Christmas.

It’s only in recent years that we started the ritual of gathering either on the eve of Christmas or on Christmas day itself and have a simple meal with family members.

What’s the real meaning behind this day, I’m not really sure. I like the festive atmosphere around town and the people seem nicer in this part of the year. Maybe the weather helps, it’s a lot cooler down compared to the other months and it aids to regulate temper flares.

It’s also the part of the year where we start to think about giving presents to others. It’s a genuine thought that goes beyond exchanging presents. It’s the season of giving. The season of greeting as well.

We renew existing friendships and strengthen ties. We catch up with one another. I like the feeling of bonding over a warm meal of food prepared lovingly, planned with care well ahead of time and ensure everyone has something they like.

Christmas is all about giving, isn’t it?

This year, we prepared presents for our parents and the children. The little ones won’t be forever young. They will grow up faster than we realise and we are especially protective of this period of their time.

I learned over the course of this year to expect lesser, to demand lesser and to live simply. I often over indulgence in non-essential things and services, convincing myself otherwise. Living within my needs is one thing I want to enforce strongly upon.

Where’s the little Christmas fun without the little gift for myself as a reward. It has been a challenging year, financially and mentally. As the year’s coming to a conclusion, I’m getting something I have been contemplating on for too long but never really got round to purchase it.

It’s Day One for Mac.