Things Were Fine

World Wide Web shrink the world. Let’s pause for a while, and ponder what the world was like before the WWW came along and super-charge everything in its path.

  • Before the Internet came along, we depended on library for information
  • Before the e-book came along, we immersed ourselves with physical books
  • Before there was telephone, we conversed face-to-face
  • Before there was Facebook, we networked through friends and events
  • Before there was email, we sent handwritten letters with snail mail
  • Before there was computer games, we played board games
  • Before the influx of note-taking apps, we had pen and paper

To many of us, the world revolves around technology. But, it’s a welcomed approach to take a step back, get away from being a slave to technology.

Take time to smell the roses, sit in the cafe and people-watch. Visit museums, go picnic, take a stroll in the park. Wake up early and watch the sun rise, stay up late and star gaze. Take a bike and tour around the neighbourhood. Find a windy, unobstructed spot and fly a kite. Watch it soar up into the blue sky. Know when to pull, and when to release.

That’s how life should be – achieving the right mix of everything.