Things To Brighten Up The Workplace

Last week, I begin working at my new workplace. As with everything, change is always hard at the start. I’m very fortunate to have coworkers they are welcoming, friendly and receptive to me.

It’s vital to have such warm colleagues around me, especially when the office is deprived of natural sunlight, greeneries and the buzz I’m used to. Located in an industrial area, the landscape is instead filled with trucks and long vehicles unloading containers full of goods to their designated warehouses. It doesn’t help I’m sitting at a windowless space where I can’t see the outside world.

Combining all these environmental problems made me depressed.

Rather than focusing on negativities, I reckon the best I could do is to improve my workspace. Mould it into a space that I would love to be in. Staring at the monitor for more than 9 hours daily, often at long stretches, makes my eyes uncomfortable. Some greens would be welcomed, for sure. A sprinkle of low maintenance potted plant from IKEA may be just what I need.

Rainbow pencils would definitely help too. It doesn’t take too much to cheer me up on a monotonous work day. Joys can most often be found in the simplest place.