The Vibrating Phone On A Weekend

The phone vibrated while I was having breakfast. It was Saturday.. My weekend was about to change with a few messages.

I took a bite of the red bean bun. I knew it had to be work-related stuffs because the wave of notification came in fast and aggressive.

The boss ranted. Texts came in swift. Words flew. And we were expected to respond. Deadline was ASAP. How immediate is as soon as possible? Are the bosses expecting us to put away everything on a weekend to come up with something in such notice? Perhaps. Because what I came to realise was that, people adhere to the sometimes unreasonable requests.

But could we really turn down what the bosses want? Even though we don’t work on Saturday?

We couldn’t. I couldn’t. Not if we want to keep our jobs.

The chat was momentarily silent for a while. But the linger effect of unfinished work weighed me down the entire weekend. I couldn’t sleep well. My mind was pre-occupied with work.

I finished my bun, gobbled up the rice and hurried off.