The Thirst For Meat

Americans love meat, beef in particular. In the above picture, two girls eptimoze the typical American diet of burger and fries. This piece came in second for print feature story editing.

Ribs, steaks, hamburgers, fries, ketchup and soda. All upsized. And plenty of food challenges. Am I sterotyping what Americans normally eat? Probably, but I guess I’m not too far from the truth. Obesity is a huge problem, and with the kind of junks they consume, it’s inevitable that health issues is on the rise.

In the midst of our ever-increasing hunger for more meat, we should take a step back and ponder: are we consuming a balanced diet of greens and meat. More greens, less meat. More unprocessed stuffs, less refined junk. Whole fruit instead of fruit juice. Wholemeal bread in place of white bread.

That being said, I’m not able to convert from white rice to brown rice. It must be due to years of having white rice as my staple diet. But I’m sure with sufficient effort and consciousness, I’d be able to make the switch. As with any positive change, we take gradual steps. I’ve been eating more vegetables – I dislike tomato, cucumber and carrot but I make sure those are part of my diet. It’s good to increase the intake of nutrients and vitamins from a wide palate.

This way, not only we’re killing lesser for meat, having more greens makes for a healthier living. Make a choice, a conscious effort to have a balanced diet. Wolfing down a sinful dinner of ribs and fries and soda may be delightful in the moment, but the aftermath of choked arteries and expanding waistline just isn’t worth it. Indulgance in moderation is fine. Just don’t go overkill.