The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

Watching Eat Pray Love on Netflix, I’m struck by an awesome phase – Dolce far Niente. You know in some languages, certain words cannot be translated without losing its essence. Dolce far Niente is one of of them.

When Liz went to Italy, she made breakfast and sat down to eat. As she was doing that, she said Dolce far Niente. It wonderfully encapsulates the scene – streaks of light seeping through the window, plate of hearty breakfast. Sitting on the floor, slowly enjoying the food. Unhurried, a quint way to start the day.

Dolce far Niente now becomes my favourite Italian phase. It means the sweetness of doing nothing. It to the pleasure one gets from being idle. Dolce far Niente is something Italians embrace.

It also resonates with a memorable quote from a scene in Christopher Robin. Sitting together and looking over the horizon, a young Christopher Robin said to Pooh bear: “Doing nothing often leads to the very best something.”