The Reboot

Mintype has a different vibe now compared to 9 years ago.

This site was started as a place for me to share my discoveries on design and technology stuffs.

Then, I was just dipping my toes in the world of Apple. Their product quality and design was top notch.

It was exciting time. Every time I found a new site covering Apple, it was like receiving Christmas presents, going down the glittery rabbit hole.

Then things changed. My lifestyle changed. My life changed.

In recent years, this place has became my whining place. It smells rotten. Posts of negativity started dominating this once-hopeful site.

This place has enjoyed happier times. It deserves better.

While I may not have time to write with the same dedication and frequency I used to, I could at least try to stay true to my original vision for this site – that is to write about design and technology.

The reboot begins.