The Most Valuable Brand 2013

The top spot belongs to Apple, according to the yearly study done by Interbrand.

Apple has raise the benchmark, not just in the technology sector but pretty much in all the channels from combing beauty and functionality, elegance and simplicity, design and engineering to the values of constantly delighting consumers, it is truly one brand and culture we can learn from.

It’s the first time Coca-cola is dislodged from the number one position it has held for 13 years. It has to settle for the third spot admist stiff competition from various sectors. The iconic red background is still very relevant and trigger an emotional response (happiness) in people, but tech companies are coming up strong.

Rounding up the second place is Google, where many novel innovations and ideas are shaping up the future in time to come. There were many shakeups leading up to 2013, as they set out to map their strategy in a more streamlined approach. From the Google Glass to the driveless car to many other niche projects, I believe there are many other ideas in the pipeline given the diversified talents they have at their disposal.

Come this time next year, there is bound to be significant leap for brands like Amazon and Facebook. Maybe Twitter as well.