The Macarons Project – I’m With You

I just discovered The Macarons Project not long ago and they’re mesmerising. Their cover of Avril Lavigne’s I’m With You is one of the most beautiful versions out there.

This song is adept, because it annotate the emotions I’m undergoing at this moment.

We sold our house (nice) – but we haven’t found our ideal home yet (not so nice). Time is ticking and we have to vacate our house in 6 months. We would be homeless if we can’t get a home within this tight timeline. So much could go wrong and the longer it drags, the more emotions take over. Not a good sign, because this would trigger irrational decisions.

If time could be reverse, I’d time the purchase of new house and sale of existing house so nicely that everything falls in place. But of course in reality, it never happens that way.

Writing this made me feel slightly better – like letting out a breath I’ve held for so long.