The Little Vintage App Called VSCO

I made no secret of my liking for things retro and vintage. The character they exude, the charm they possess are all integral of the intriguing package.

I own a moleskine notebook, and the feeling of opening it, browsing through the aged pages filled with my handwriting always bring about a heartfelt warmth that no digital gadget can match, let alone supercede.

As we move forward into the digital revolution, pictures become clearer, cleaner, sharper and the overall quality has improve tremenously.

In the midst of all these improvements, why are people, like me, still drawn to the vintage photos that are supposingly retired to the selected fews who are viewed as clinging on to the past?

So far, no digital photos can replicate the feeling of film photography.

The feeling of looking at a film producted photo is entirely different from looking at a digital one. There’s a special charm with the photos producted by film that we couldn’t replicate with digital cameras. 

So amdist reports of users having issues with the iOS VSCO cam app, I went ahead and tried it out myself.

And man, saying it’s a delight to use the app would be an understatement.

The app is built to be simple right from the start. It doesn’t inspires to everything, but it does one thing and it does it marvellously. The settings don’t overwhelm the users with redudant features or things which are seldom used.

You can go straight into the app can play with fliters right away. There are 3 black & white and 7 color filters. Those are the deafults. You can tweak them even more by playing with settings like grain and fade effect.

The vintage-like proceeding is the closest I can get to film-taken photos.

Even with my limited processing skills, I managed to get a few photos which are way beyond what I expect them to turn out. Most importantly, the app is fun to play with and I spent most of the weekend editing the photos.

It’s fair to say it’s one of the app I have purchased. For less than a dollar, it’s certainly top value.