The Future Of SimpleNote

A scan around the community will reveal the deep relationship many people have with SimpleNote. Lately, it has ran into problems with syncing and data losses. Some stayed on, in hope that it’s a one off bug. But these things persisted, and some left…reluctantly.

It’s like a strained relationship you want to salvage, but has no control over. It has served you admiralty well in the past, but the ever present glitches here and there mean you can’t fully trust it the way you used to.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, it seems. It got acquired by Automattic, creator of WordPress. From their initial statement, they’re big fans of SimpleNote as well.

You know how sometimes, the services you love just disappear when they’re bought by someone else? Or they wither and die a slow and painful death? Not the case here. We made sure of that.

I’m cautiously optimistic, but also realistic enough not to pin too much hope. With that, let’s look back and reflect what made SimpleNote part of our essential workflow.


Today I feel like a jilted lover stalking their ex. I continue to check the developer discussion board and see many repeat complaints about bad syncing and data corruption….While tags and fast full-text searching are wonderful features of Simplenote, in the end data integrity wins the day.

Shawn Blanc:

Simplenote is invaluable to me because of the notes it holds. But a great app encourages regular use the same way a crummy app discourages it. And I can think of no higher priority for finding a great app than when looking for the one which will hold my digital brain.

Because of the syncing problems and apparent lost of documents, Shawn went on a wild goose chase in search for Simplenote/ nvALT replacement. He explored many capable alternatives, but in the end, he went a full circle back to the the original combo.

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