The Five Dollar Logo

How much can your $5 stretch? Well, Fiverr has got you covered. With that amount, you can get a song composed, get thousands of followers, or even get a website built.

How about creating a logo? That‘s possible as well. Remember we are looking at the outcome – logo in exchange for 5 bucks. The source can’t be truly verified and the quality, well, you don’t really expect much from a $5 job right?

Sacha Greif of Folyo set out to investigate if it‘s possible to create a logo from scratch from Fiverr. As a designer, he‘s probably knows the industry and the type of shabby works that comes from people that take on multiple low-cost assignments.

Still, it may be possible to unearth an inspiring upcoming designer doing it to gain exposure and build up the portfolio. I’m not dismissing the quality of the work from many of Fiverrs talented and hungry designers, but it’s a matter of throwing a coin in the field and hoping to hit a thoroughbred with it.

It’s part luck, part research and lots of fingers crossing.