The Digital Environment Is Short-Lived

Yes, the above statement is true.
What is here today may disappear into the vast wilderness of the web tomorrow.

Nothing last forever. People age, flowers wither, colors fade. Eternity is just a word in the dictionary.

The evolution of the digital world

On average, people used to change their handset once every 2 years. Handset makers are now shortening their product cycles and new phones are coming right at us faster than ever.

The game has changed. We get tired of using the same device. We want changes, we demand them. The manufacturers are merely satisfying our thirst by rolling our new products at breakneck speed.

Gone are the days where people sit by the cafe, have a slow brunch and catch up on the daily happenings. Armed with a good book by the side, we lost ourselves in the world of words, occasionally stealing glances at the surrounding. The world would passed by us, just like that.

It’s a strange thing that in the digital age we live in, we only notice if things are broken. Take for example, signage. They are there for one sole purpose – to provide information. If all goes well, nobody would take a second glance at them.

Bad designs do happen. Bad typography, inappropriate fonts, mismatched colors. This is where we stand up and take note. We are aware of the bad designs, but we are not conscious of the good ones.

Good designs fade into the background. They are non-obstructive, they are invisible. Great design allows the content to take center stage, letting them shine bright. Great designs are like the supporting cast, complementing the lead (content). Ultimately, the underlying message for design is to communicate.

There’s a simple fact – design for digital environment are not lasting. We can change the look of website by the click of the mouse. We can change the cover of our ebook as and when we feel like it.

The average consumer just doesn’t notice the choices that make design great. Or they simply don’t bother.

How i wish we can stand back, and take note of the attention to details the workers behind the scene have contributed to good designs.

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