The Dawn Of A New Era

A few days back, i bit the bullet and ordered a MacBook. A Retina MacBook Pro 13″ to be exact. I figure out for my needs, a 13 inch would be sufficient and i don’t need the high end processor and nor the graphic power that the 15 inch MBP offers.

I went with the stock configuration, and that means i only have 128gig of space to work with. Gone are the days where i have tons of hard disk space, waiting for me to fill them up.

Speaking of which, as i recall the bitter-sweet memories of the past decade, i am struck by how awesome the technology world has enabled the world to be a better place. Involuntarily, memories came flowing back like raging river.

  • I hang out a lot in Xtremesystems
  • I was fascinated with heatsink design. My favorite is from Zalman, an exquisite work of beauty and performance. To top it off, they operate in nearly silent mode.
  • I like fans, namely 90mm ones.
  • I was obsessed with benchmarking. Superpi and Prime 95 were my playgrounds.
  • I sourced for the best BH5 ram. I still remember trying for 2-2-5 @ 250mhz.
  • There were many occasions where i ran case-less.
  • I would wait at the newsstand for the latest issue of Atomic and Maximum PC.

Those were the days. The memories shall remain beautiful and I will always recall them fondly.

The dawn of the next era is here, and it starts with iPhone and MacBook Pro.

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