The Commentator’s Curse

“Player XX is doing great. All game long, he’s diticating play, spraying passes around and breaking up play”, as the commentator’s poetic string of words filtered through.

The very next moment, this player – so impressive all game – loses possession/makes a mistake that don’t justified the kind and generous words bestowed on him seconds earlier.

They call it the commentator’s curse or jinx. They happen everywhere across multiple sports. The occurrences are unerringly similar.

Yesterday, I wrote about how I was rejuvenated from an early morning start, having slept soundly the night before.

Not last night. I struggled to get any decent amount of sleep. Not sure if I did sleep too. Mind was awake, body wasn’t slumped. Perhaps this might be the writer’s curse?

Hoping for better quality sleep tonight – qualitatively and quantitively.