The Camera In Your Pocket

We keep hearing it “the best camera is the one that’s always with you”. What use is a camera so-good-but-so-heavy that is not by your side 90% of the time?

Our smartphone is now a communication device first and phone second. In fact, speaking on the phone has become one of the least used functions for most people.

The advancement of camera in our little device has allowed us to capture more than ever before. We see something, we capture, and then we share. Sharing is our way of communicating.

Tap tap tap, so simple.

The awesome array of photo-editing apps and simplicity of taking pictures with the smartphone turn us into storytellers.

As a tool to document happenings, it’s hard to beat.

The pictures taken with portrait mode using iPhone 7 Plus are stunning. Using software to create hardware effect is not perfect, but it’s going to get better.

This is just the start. I can’t wait for portrait mode to be introduced to other models.