The Ad What Will Make You Quit Smoking

It’s a simple and heart-warming campaign. Probably it won’t work on every single smoker out there. But I’m pretty sure everyone will look up, think about what’s happening.

The stick in their hands, why are they puffing their lives away. The moments wasted away could be better spent elsewhere – bringing their children out to the field to play, cooking a simple dinner for family, or just sitting down and enjoy the beautiful sunrise with their overworked wife.

Imagine smokers are deprived of all these simple pleasures, because of all the harmful toxins by inhaling cigarettes.

The advertisement is storytelling at its best. At the core is a believable story. We can resonate with the storyline, whether we are a smoker or not. We have a duty to protect our next generation from harm, hence we deter children from smoking.

At the same time, we don’t give a second thought about our own health. Ironic, isn’t it.

It sends a powerful message out there, not just to smokers but also to potential ones sitting on the fence on whether to take their first puff.

It triggers an emotional reaction so strong we sit up and take note. It makes us ponder and reflect on things which we wouldn’t have done otherwise.