Take A Leaf From SpaceX Upfront Prices

If a service as complicated as SpaceX can afford to publish a transparent pricing on its website, then not too many companies can claim to be more complex than rocket science. In that case, they are not justified to put up “call us for pricing” label that’s so prevalent in some practices.

Be clear up front. There’s no point in keeping secrecy on prices. Customers who are interested in the product/ service would naturally want to find out the cost. By making it difficult for them to obtain this information, it hinders judgement.

Supposed a keen customer wants to find out about the pricing, he may be turned off by the “call us for prices” scheme and retreat away from the site, or he may call the company and be turned off by the prices. If the prices are indeed value-for-money, he would wonder why didn’t the company reveal them publicly in the first place.

Hiding information on prices never help anyone.