Sydney Siege

A picture tells a thousand word, they said. Sometimes, it does more than that. Look at the above picture – of a hostage running into the arms of a heavily armed law enforcer. 

So moving. The emotions on her face – the relief and joy and adrenaline.

I wonder what’s going on inside. A gunman walking into a cafe on a busy morning. Sydney grids to a halt. The world express concerns.

Then it all ended, 16 hours later. Two innocents were killed, together with the gunman. You know, terrorism is nearer than we think.

Imagine stepping into the cafe, getting in line to get a cup of flat white. Or you could already be seated, sipping the freshly brewed coffee, browsing the papers or catching up on articles on the phone or iPad. The next thing you know, the exits are being blocked and you’re corned by unknown personnel. You are unsure of their real agenda, and whether you will make it out there alive. It’s terrifying, because it could happen to anyone of us.