Svbtle Is Marching On


Just a quick update: we’ve recently raised a round of financing from great investors like SV Angel, CrunchFund, Betaworks, and more (including, previously, Y Combinator). Now we have the resources and absolute focus that will allow us to build not only a great collection of people, but also a new kind of media destination that approaches journalism differently–maybe we could call it the future of journalism, but we’re not entirely sure what that is yet, exactly.

I’m not sure if they are going to open up to the public in the future. Right now, it’s an exclusive platform where renowned personalities are invited to blog in.

Many have claimed they are going to define the future of journalism, but i’m more interested in how are they going to monetize the site.

At the very beginning, when questioned about this, he replied.

Dustin Curtis:

If the Svbtle Network works as well as I hope, there is nothing stopping me from building an exclusive ad network similar to The Deck. I haven’t really thought about it, but that would almost definitely be the best way to monetize this platform.

Having an exclusive ad network will give Svbtle control. Given the history of Dustin in building something for absolute control, it could be a real possibility.

Because Svbtle has a network of established and well known bloggers using the platform, the perceived credibility they have is very much at the pinnacle.

With the funding, they are going to hire developers to improvement the platform, copyeditors to curate and edit the content. With the way it’s going, it’s not a surprise if they implement it as a subscription model for its content. It may never reach mainstream popularity, but i’m pretty sure a sizable percentage of the readers on Svbtle are willing to pay for this service.

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